“I refuse to believe that there does not exists, or has ever existed, a person that has not made use of his example to lessen his sins, even though he may have done so without realizing it. The lives of all have, in some greater or lesser degree, been changed by His presence, His actions and the words spoken by His divine voice. I believe that he belongs not solely to Christianity, but to the entire world; to all races and people, it matters little under what flag, name or doctrine they may work, profess a faith, or worship a God inherited from their ancestors.

Mahatma K. Gandhi


A brief look at Holy Week gives us an overview of the events that took place for Jesus and His disciples. The names of the seven days of the week as used in the English and French languages, allow us to see how the seven days of the Holy Week are reflected in the planetary spheres. Through this, everything takes on a new meaning.


In French








Palm Sunday





Bethphage, Fig Tree





Spiritual Battles, Cleansing of the Temple, Prophesy: Destruction of Jerusalem.





Judas accepts 30 pieces of silver for the betrayal. The last anointing of Jesus by Mary Magdalene.





Maundy Thursday Washing of the feet; The Last Supper; Judas’ Betrayal.





[Good Friday] Crucifixion




Dark Blue

Christ in the World of the Departed.





Easter Sunday: Resurrection. Past Battling changes into love.;


Not only was that which happened on earth during this week recorded for eternity, but it is accompanied by the suffering and pain of planetary angels.

One way of understanding this majestic mystery is through an exploration of the colours assigned to the planets through colour-exercises. As an art-therapist I have come to the point that each colour can, either through painting or through meditation, become a true experience in the soul. And this experience. is the same for every human being.

When we come to the experience of red we begin to feel strong, courageous and ready to fight our opponents – this colour is the colour of Mars. In Greek mythology Mars is the God of War. In the given table Jesus fought His spiritual battles on Tuesday, the day of Mars. He entered the temple to cleanse it from false influences. He also made a prophetic announcement: the destruction of Jerusalem. Now through one’s own experience one understands why the colour red in our time is used for a stop-sign.

Much can be experienced when one decides to explore the path of colour. A very pure and loving soul, for example, would find her path in red. Why? Because after the resurrection one quality of red was transformed into another. Christ Jesus went through death out of love for mankind.

What kind of an experience would we have through painting with blue?

Sometimes we need to involve ourselves a long time with a colour. Where do we find the blue colour in history of art? Mary, the mother of Jesus, always wears a blue mantle. The colour blue embraces, protects and holds safely every human being who comes to her. People in the middle ages knew this.

When we use watercolour and have a sheet of watercolour paper, slowly covering the whole sheet, we, in stillness come to experience the colour blue. Have you ever seen a painting where the blue was stronger on the outside? It can acts like a frame. That is the embracing quality of blue.

Blue is connected to Saturn, and it is on Easter Saturday that Jesus went into the depths of the Earth, the underworld to the Greek and Romans, to bring love and light to those human beings who had lost their way during life. Christ entered this world of the departed.

What lives in the middle of the Holy Week? A sanguine temperament with little steadfastness, it flitters in the light. Judas for his betrayal of Jesus accepts thirty pieces of silver. Mary Magdalene, the sister of Lazarus, who washes the feet of Jesus and anoints them had once been healed by Jesus from many demons. She too had an unstable, sanguine temperament. Mercury, the planet, reflects the colour yellow. Painting yellow leaves one with an airy, fleeting, light feeling and with little solidity. When observing the metal Mercury one can see, it reflects the same tendency.

In this way one can experience the different, inner soul qualities through the planetary colours, and in the process discover ever deeper layers for an understanding for the Mystery of Golgotha.

Monica Gold