Thoughts and Meditations sent in by Members and Friends

of the Circle of Light.

From Blanca Ponec, Vancouver, March 2016:

. parts of man’s being are not arbitrarily distinguishable. They have merged so thoroughly to make the real nature of the human being that one can say: The spirit stems from the spirit land, the soul from the soul world and the physical body from the physical world; these components of the human being stem from three different worlds yet are joined together in man.

And when the human being takes his consciousness away with him out of the physical world, his inner being splits; out of one he becomes three. (Rudolf Steiner, Book of Revelation, Lecture 14, Dornach, Sept.18, 1924.)

What is now a joint activity of thought, feeling and will within man, will in future take on a separate character, and this will come to the fore in various spheres. We are just passing through a time in which humanity is unconsciously crossing the threshold of a significant portal, a fact which is clearly evident to the power of clairvoyance. Humanity passes through this crossing of the threshold in such a way that the spheres of thought, feeling and will become separated. (Rudolf Steiner. The Crossing of the Threshold and the Social Organism.)