Genesis – part 1


The Verse Uniting All of Us.
 Creating a Circle of Light

Faith, Love and Hope
Will lead me in my willing
When I light a candle and unite
With the ever-present Love of the Almighty
And His Creative Force.
It works in me when I in love embrace all people
Who come to me with
Faith, love and hope.
This verse may lead us on our path
To create a circle of light around the world.
It will unite us and disperse loneliness.
It will open our minds to imagination,
Strengthen our inspiration,
And bless us with intuition.

[In this verse, the word children has been changed to people because there is a child in every person. The word people can be changed back to children when the verse is used regarding the children of a school.]

This verse came as an inspiration to me when I contemplated an ever more intense world of suffering, and it came as an answer from the spiritual world to help and to protect all people. However, in a world where every day the computer speaks louder and more distinct than the heart of a human being many people have lost hope that there is, in fact, a spiritual world. That there is guidance and protection is no longer a reality among humanity today.  This article on Genesis attempts to provide some explanation of how we as modern human beings can begin to find in ourselves the source from which all blessings flow.

Why is it that nowadays there live among us many people who stand before a closed door in relation to the reality of a spiritual world? Because all that is spirit cannot be seen with physical eyes. It cannot be weighed, numbered or measured. This is a fact; yet one could argue when you feel sympathy or antipathy, when you have a positive or negative thought or a will impulse; those very human experiences can also not be seen with physical eyes and one may say that with those experiences we definitely enter into a realm away from the sense perceptible world.  However, we remain in the human realm and connected to the sense world, because all our interactions are bound up with it.

Where then and how do we find the world of spirit which is so much more profound than some feelings, thoughts or the will of a human being? The spiritual world, indeed, underlies all existence in heaven and on Earth and maintains our life on Earth as well as our possibility to evolve.

What does John say in his opening words of the Gospel? In the Beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God … Nothing that was made was made without the Word … and the word was life and life was the Light of Humanity. John talks about the beginning of the world! Is that Genesis? No not yet.

Where lies the pathway to the spiritual world? There must be many because every human being is different.  Christ Jesus gives us at least one answer when He says:  Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children you will never enter the kingdom of God. [Matthew 18, 2-4; Mark 10;15]

Young children, protected from too much technology, will live into fairy tale images from the past with their whole soul. They find gnomes in forests, and talk to what they call fairies, i.e. sylphs in the air and undines in the water and salamanders in the fire. All these are elemental beings belonging to the spiritual world. They are real to small children and they are real, in fact, to anyone who has developed spiritual organs to see them. [Rudolf Steiner, Knowledge of the Higher Worlds and How to Attain it.]  

The key to grasp spiritual facts lies within ourselves, and whether this key can unlock a door into the world of spirit depends on our interest, open- mindedness and, of course, faculties which we have brought with us into this incarnation: We must be interested, we must ask questions which could become so alive that we look for answers. And that goes with an inborn faith, as has been known for as long as mankind inhabited our planet Earth. There were always some people who were convinced that our evolution is guided by higher beings.

We know from Rudolf Steiner if we would lose our belief in the reality of the spirit on Earth that would become detrimental to human health within a century.  Extensive reading of spiritual science is part of the requisite that Rudolf Steiner recommends; but also the inner wish to help mankind is important. Patience while observing plant growth while imagining the whole plant in the seed, or while trying to feel the dying of the plant can lead us far on our path to create supersensible organs which are needed for clairvoyance and clairaudience. [Rudolf Steiner, Knowledge of Higher Worlds. (Internet)]

What has all this to do with Genesis? With the creation of the world? With grasping facts of the Bible? Can we accept that soul experiences have changed throughout human evolution? When a human being today recalls the words in his soul: In the beginning God created heaven and Earth”, unless we have an inkling of a feeling of “wonder and awe” living in our soul, Rudolf Steiner says that we cannot begin to imagine what a Hebrew pupil would bring to life in him when in the past he heard the same words in his language. Indeed, a whole world became alive and vibrated in his soul when he heard these words. What lived in his soul long ago we can only imagine if we compare it with what can happen to a soul of someone who has through spiritual development opened himself to seership, seership of living intuitions which the seer receives, when having freed himself from the conditions of sense-perception and of the intellect bound up with the physical body. He looks with spiritual organs into the spiritual world. He can only do this in pictures, but if his descriptive powers suffice, he will be able to create in pictures that which is able to awaken in his hearers a mental image corresponding to what he himself sees in the spiritual world. Something comes into existence, and this, we must never forget, belongs to an entirely different world – a world which does indeed underlie and maintain the ordinary sense world of our ideas, impressions and perceptions, yet in no way coincides with that world.           

Rudolf Steiner, in his books Cosmic Memory and Occult Science tried to describe the gradual growth of our planet Earth as the home of our human existence. Before our planet was able to condense into the solid form as we know it, before we were human beings walking on the Earth, there were three other planetary conditions which are called Ancient Saturn, Ancient Sun and Ancient Moon. On Ancient Saturn the seer finds nothing but heat, it is also described as warmth ether.  No water, nor air, light or solid earth can be found at that time. Even where it is densest, there is only fire – living weaving warmth. Then at the next evolutionary stage, on ancient Sun, one finds an interweaving, an interpenetration of a gaseous, airy and light element together with the warmth element. Here we have the picture of the Ancient Sun condition. Coming to the third condition which is called the Ancient Moon evolution there the water element and tone ether is added to warmth, light and air. It is awe- inspiring to read about the evolutionary stages, and one cannot possibly do it justice in this brief review.    

During the Moon existence there takes place a separation into a part which is Sun and a part which retains the Moon nature. It is only when we come to the fourth stage of our planetary evolution that the earth element is added to the earlier warmth, gaseous and watery elements. In order that this solid element could come into existence a division which had taken place previously during the Moon evolution had first to repeat itself. Once again the Sun had to withdraw. Thus there is  a certain moment in the evolution of our planet when, out of the universal complex mix  of fire, air and water, the denser, more earthy element separates from the finer gaseous elements of the Sun and Moon. It is only in this earthly element that what we today call solid is able to form. Let us concentrate on this moment, when the Sun withdraws from its former state of union with the rest of the planet and begins to send its forces to the earth from without. Let us bear in mind that this was what made it possible, within the Earth, for the solid element – what we today call matter – to begin to condense. If we fix this moment firmly in our minds we have the point of time at which Genesis, the creation story begins. And there was life.

We must be aware that throughout the whole of the Saturn, Sun and Moon evolutions, spiritual Beings were its leaders and its bearers; and that warmth, air, water are only the outer expressions, the outer garments of spiritual Beings who are the reality. Thus when we contemplate the condition which obtained at the moment of separation of Sun and Earth and picture it to ourselves in thoughts full of material images, we must also be conscious that the elements “airy”, “water”, “air”, “fire” which we have in our mind’s eye, is still only the expression for moving, weaving  spirit, which, during  the course of the preceding Saturn, Sun and Moon stages has advanced, has progressed, and at the time now being described has reached a certain stage in its evolution.

“In the elemental sheaths the primeval Spirits pondered the outwardly manifesting and the inwardly mobile.”  Try to bring before yourselves in these terms what is said in the first lines of the Bible, then you will have a foundation for all that is to come before our souls in the next few days as the true meaning of those all-powerful archetypal words which contain such a sublime revelation for mankind – the revelation of its own origin. [Rudolf Steiner, Genesis – Secrets of the Bible Story of Creation. 10 Lectures. Available through the Rudolf Steiner Archive.]


Monica Gold,

Vancouver, 2017