Genesis – part 2



Some further aspects of Genesis.

As mentioned before, we must be aware that throughout the whole of the Saturn, Sun and Moon evolutions, spiritual Beings were its leaders and its bearers; and that warmth, air, water are only the outer expressions, the outer garments of spiritual Beings who are the reality. [Rudolf Steiner, Genesis, Secrets of the Bible Story of Creation.]

There are many books and lectures that have been given by Rudolf Steiner which cast a light from ever new viewpoints on these events of the earliest developments so that slowly one can create in one’s mind an imagination which cannot only be grasped but which one feels can be shared with people who have never heard of these spiritual facts. It has been said: Anthroposophy (the wisdom of the human being) is like a huge puzzle where every piece has its rightful place.

Having returned to Rudolf Steiner’s words, that there were spiritual beings who guided and guarded the evolution of our planet Earth from earliest times through the Saturn, Sun and Moon evolutionary stages, one may well ask who were these highly evolved spiritual beings? The plan for creating the planet Earth with its different kingdoms was of course a divine plan. Who were the earliest creators of the Earth with the first beginnings of its minerals, plants, animals and of course the human being? 

The evolution began with ancient Saturn. Do we know the beings of ancient Saturn? Yes, those were the highly evolved spirits who lived in the sphere of the Zodiac known as Leo: the Thrones, one of the nine angel hierarchies. They gave of their own warmth which was the very beginning we have spoken of. The Thrones, as beings of will, were so strong that they could start the creation of man as well as of our planet Earth.

Imagine yourself in bed pulling a cover over yourself. You are breathing out your own warmth. However, with the next breath you have to breathe it in again. What the Thrones gave out of themselves through their will, the warmth ether, they left as an act of creation in the cosmos.  It has been described as different balls of warmth ether and heat. One could imagine many ovens all over the cosmos and in these ovens differentiated places of heat, warmth or fire. 

On what is called the ancient Sun another hierarchy, the Kyriotetes, the spirits of wisdom, from the Zodiacal sphere of Virgo added the light ether and the air element. “In the elemental sheaths the primeval Spirits pondered the outwardly manifesting and the inwardly mobile.” [Rudolf Steiner, Genesis, Secrets of the Bible Story of Creation.]

In between these evolutionary periods there are always times of rest, also called periods of pralaya, taking place. Everything that happened in these distant pasts involve “lengths of times” which are not humanly measurable. 

Between the pre-existing warmth from Saturn and the light ether and air from the Sun an intense activity ensued.  

The Dynamis, the spirits of movement from the Zodiacal sphere of Libra, began to manifest at the next stage which is called ancient Moon. This was the birth of the tone or sound ether when the element of water arose. Man and animal, earliest plant and such as had been created, were now in the combined sphere of Saturn, Sun and Moon. Of course, there was nothing solid as we know it today.

We know now that water, or liquid, is at a denser state of matter than air. We have clouds in the sky before rain begins to fall. This condensation and the influence of densification slowly turned matter solid, and life under the Elohim came into being. We call this stage of evolution the beginning of the Earth.

The physical conditions for mineral, plant, animal and man were laid by the Thrones, the beings of will on ancient Saturn. On ancient Sun the etheric, or life force, was added by the Kyriotetes, the spirits of wisdom. The Dynamis, the spirits of movement, connected to Libra, created the astral, or soul force, on the Moon.

Only when the Elohim brought form and solidity the next stage, our Earth, was reached. Saturn, Sun, Moon and Earth were one whole cosmic body. Now something very important began to happen. Through the influence of ancient Moon, the Earth came under ever stronger forces of coarsening and densification. This was needed for the Earth’s formation. The sun forces inside the Earth would have been detrimental to the development of human being and animal, so the Sun separated from the Earth. From a certain point of time all that we include under the word “Sun”not only the elementary or physical constituents in the body of the Sun, but also the spiritual beings who belong to it – had to withdraw. When this happened the Earth was left to itself. Because its finer, more spiritual forces had left, the Earth underwent a certain coarsening.  Had those Beings not removed themselves from the terrestrial scene these very exalted Beings would not have been able to follow their own development. The Sun spirits began to find their scene of activity outside, indeed influencing the further development of man and animal from without. Here we may speak of the Sun as we know it today.

The first thing to show with still greater precision is the point of time at which the Genesis account falls in terms of spiritual scientific findings in regard to the evolution of our Earth. I have already said that I put the beginning of Genesis at the time when the Sun and the Earth were about to separate, but we shall have to go more closely into this. Here I have quoted Rudolf Steiner to show how very careful a spiritual seer has to tread, and also how very complex such spiritual research turns out to be.

The early epochs of our Earth are: Polarian, Hyperborean, Lemurian, Atlantean. Our present epoch is the fifth one.

During the Hyperborean epoch a special event took place, and one can only visualize it when one remembers that nothing was solid yet. The highly evolved Sun spirits, under their guiding spirit, had to leave what was Saturn, Sun, Moon and Earth. The hardening influences through the ancient Moon and beginning Earth epoch were no longer beneficial to these spirits’ own development. So the Sun left and influenced the Earth from outside from then on.

After the Sun forces left the Earth, the Moon forces became ever stronger, and we know of a time when some of the human souls, the astral only, had to leave the planet Earth in order to live for a time on Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, etc. Rudolf Steiner mentions that Mars-men, Saturn-men etc. were the origin of what later became racial differentiation. It is still possible today for the seer to recognise whether a human soul has descended from this or that planet.

The Sun left the Earth during the middle of Hyperborea. Later, during Lemuria, the old Moon too had to separate from the Earth and became our present Moon. During that time human beings had no individual soul but lived in a group soul. Only slowly did the Ego or “I” develop out of the group soul, and it was the mission of the Christ to give to the human being what was required to solidify the individual “I” or ego.

We call the highest evolved spiritual being on ancient Saturn, the Father-God. And we call the highest evolved spirit on ancient Sun the Son-God or the Christ. He remains connected with the Earth from without. And we call the highest evolved spirit on ancient Moon the Holy Spirit.

The Trinity, St.Peters Church, Basel, Switzerland

In the spiritual world, or heaven, spiritual beings weave and flow into each other, as they reign together. That is the reason for Christ’s saying: I and the Father are one, and why we speak of the Holy Trinity. Father, Son and Holy Spirit stand for past, present and future. (See the picture on the left.)

As mentioned, what can be seen by the clairvoyant as earlier periods of our Earth, are called: the Polarian epoch, the Hyperborean, the Lemurian and the Atlantean epochs. Only after the Atlantean time, we come to the fifth epoch: OUR TIME.  

Throughout all the cultures on Earth connected to the Sun-God, He, the Christ is mentioned under different names. He can be followed in the world of art as coming ever closer to our Earth where He connected His Life with Humanity and the Earth, with each one of us.

Monica Gold, Vancouver, June 2017.