Thoughts and Meditations sent in by Members and Friends of the Circle of Light.

Elisabeth Carmack, Vancouver, Feb.2016: What Monica is trying to create through forming a global light building initiative to support Waldorf education is crucial in our time. Institutions that are trying to instill a sense of humanity in our time are vulnerable and are without the necessary resources to renew themselves, and also fall victim to inherent conflicts within their own walls and values.

I spoke at the meeting about how it would be helpful to unite schools through this global light community initiative so that an understanding would be developed that the pathology one witnesses in individual schools could be grasped as a universal trend. For example, I referenced how the imagination can be seen and used as both ‘arresting imagination’ and ‘generative imagination’. The ‘arresting imagination’ is used to strengthen any kind of ideology or fundamentalist belief, whereas the ‘generative imagination’ is used to develop personal freedom and individual identity. Not just in Steiner schools, but in all Anthroposophical institutions you can see ideological belief in conflict with free agency. Originally when Monica approached me about her idea and initiative, I suggested she write a prayer, which could then be used to unite us in our effort.

I think the quotation from Rudolf Steiner’s ‘Truth Wrought Words’ that Monica has chosen to place her initiative in a particular sphere of consciousness is extremely apt. At the first meeting Monica articulated how her vision for this initiative must be of the Christ, yet at the same time was extremely sensitive to how the word ‘Christ’ can lead to alienation in some.

I did not have time to take this up at the meeting, but felt it was imperative to honour Monica’s personal vision for this work. However, I am convinced it would be possible to evolve the idea into something more akin to Soloviev’s Divine Humanity, which acknowledges the ‘world soul’ as developing out of any practice of the higher self… which is endorsed in the third section of the Foundation Stone:

I look forward to seeing you all at our next gathering/meeting

With Warmth!


Soul of the individual

Thou livest in the resting head

Which from the ground of the eternal

Opens to thee thoughts of worlds

Practice spirit-vision…

In the stillness of being

When the gods bestow light

On your being

For thy free willing

Thou will truly think…