An Introduction to The Circle of Light

On an evening in February 2016, members of the community gathered at the home of Monica Gold. Monica had called us together to share something of great importance — she wanted to tell us of an inspiration that had come to her early one morning prior to this. She described to us that, on that particular morning, upon waking from a deep sleep, there was before her a terrible feeling about something, and it seemed as though it was her problem. As she still lay in her bed, this feeling was revealed to be a desperation for the world and what is happening in our time because of the separation of thinking, feeling and willing, as a result of the progression of humanity’s evolution. In particular, she felt these were struggles and difficulties present in Waldorf schools. And with this was the feeling that we have done nothing about it.

Then came the question from Monica to us, “What can we do?” A thoughtful discussion followed. Questions arose: We asked ourselves how we might approach this? Whom would we approach? What qualifies our evolving humanity? Could the Christ be asked to help us? We agreed that we would meet again at a later date to continue our exploration of how to guide this newly formed initiative. The morning after our meeting, upon awakening, The Verse Uniting All of Us was given to and received by Monica, and shared with the rest of us.

Joanne King