Genesis – part 2

Genesis – part 2



Some further aspects of Genesis.

As mentioned before, we must be aware that throughout the whole of the Saturn, Sun and Moon evolutions, spiritual Beings were its leaders and its bearers; and that warmth, air, water are only the outer expressions, the outer garments of spiritual Beings who are the reality. [Rudolf Steiner, Genesis, Secrets of the Bible Story of Creation.]

There are many books and lectures that have been given by Rudolf Steiner which cast a light from ever new viewpoints on these events of the earliest developments so that slowly one can create in one’s mind an imagination which cannot only be grasped but which one feels can be shared with people who have never heard of these spiritual facts. It has been said: Anthroposophy (the wisdom of the human being) is like a huge puzzle where every piece has its rightful place.

Having returned to Rudolf Steiner’s words, that there were spiritual beings who guided and guarded the evolution of our planet Earth from earliest times through the Saturn, Sun and Moon evolutionary stages, one may well ask who were these highly evolved spiritual beings? The plan for creating the planet Earth with its different kingdoms was of course a divine plan. Who were the earliest creators of the Earth with the first beginnings of its minerals, plants, animals and of course the human being? 

The evolution began with ancient Saturn. Do we know the beings of ancient Saturn? Yes, those were the highly evolved spirits who lived in the sphere of the Zodiac known as Leo: the Thrones, one of the nine angel hierarchies. They gave of their own warmth which was the very beginning we have spoken of. The Thrones, as beings of will, were so strong that they could start the creation of man as well as of our planet Earth.

Imagine yourself in bed pulling a cover over yourself. You are breathing out your own warmth. However, with the next breath you have to breathe it in again. What the Thrones gave out of themselves through their will, the warmth ether, they left as an act of creation in the cosmos.  It has been described as different balls of warmth ether and heat. One could imagine many ovens all over the cosmos and in these ovens differentiated places of heat, warmth or fire. 

On what is called the ancient Sun another hierarchy, the Kyriotetes, the spirits of wisdom, from the Zodiacal sphere of Virgo added the light ether and the air element. “In the elemental sheaths the primeval Spirits pondered the outwardly manifesting and the inwardly mobile.” [Rudolf Steiner, Genesis, Secrets of the Bible Story of Creation.]

In between these evolutionary periods there are always times of rest, also called periods of pralaya, taking place. Everything that happened in these distant pasts involve “lengths of times” which are not humanly measurable. 

Between the pre-existing warmth from Saturn and the light ether and air from the Sun an intense activity ensued.  

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Genesis – part 1

Genesis – part 1


The Verse Uniting All of Us.
 Creating a Circle of Light

Faith, Love and Hope
Will lead me in my willing
When I light a candle and unite
With the ever-present Love of the Almighty
And His Creative Force.
It works in me when I in love embrace all people
Who come to me with
Faith, love and hope.
This verse may lead us on our path
To create a circle of light around the world.
It will unite us and disperse loneliness.
It will open our minds to imagination,
Strengthen our inspiration,
And bless us with intuition.

[In this verse, the word children has been changed to people because there is a child in every person. The word people can be changed back to children when the verse is used regarding the children of a school.]

This verse came as an inspiration to me when I contemplated an ever more intense world of suffering, and it came as an answer from the spiritual world to help and to protect all people. However, in a world where every day the computer speaks louder and more distinct than the heart of a human being many people have lost hope that there is, in fact, a spiritual world. That there is guidance and protection is no longer a reality among humanity today.  This article on Genesis attempts to provide some explanation of how we as modern human beings can begin to find in ourselves the source from which all blessings flow.

Why is it that nowadays there live among us many people who stand before a closed door in relation to the reality of a spiritual world? Because all that is spirit cannot be seen with physical eyes. It cannot be weighed, numbered or measured. This is a fact; yet one could argue when you feel sympathy or antipathy, when you have a positive or negative thought or a will impulse; those very human experiences can also not be seen with physical eyes and one may say that with those experiences we definitely enter into a realm away from the sense perceptible world.  However, we remain in the human realm and connected to the sense world, because all our interactions are bound up with it.

Where then and how do we find the world of spirit which is so much more profound than some feelings, thoughts or the will of a human being? The spiritual world, indeed, underlies all existence in heaven and on Earth and maintains our life on Earth as well as our possibility to evolve.

What does John say in his opening words of the Gospel? In the Beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God … Nothing that was made was made without the Word … and the word was life and life was the Light of Humanity. John talks about the beginning of the world! Is that Genesis? No not yet.

Where lies the pathway to the spiritual world? There must be many because every human being is different.  Christ Jesus gives us at least one answer when He says:  Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children you will never enter the kingdom of God. [Matthew 18, 2-4; Mark 10;15]

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