An Outline for this bLog

Glimpse of Light , Natasha Hall


In the following blog the problem of student violence is being looked at, especially gun violence.

Possible reasons why it sometimes occurs are explored: Lack of love in childhood; technology playing a big role in the lives of today’s children and youths; evolutionary changes in the relationship of soul capacities and the difficulty of counteracting these; egoism taught in today’s team sports.

Remedies are discussed: Participation in artistic activities and a loving environment, as provided in Waldorf education; Christ as the Healer between the counterforces of Lucifer and Ahriman; Faith, Love and Hope; all this in the light of Rudolf Steiner’s indications given in Anthroposophy or Spiritual Science.

Inspiration is mentioned as the source of the idea for this blog as well as for the leading verse.

The three main articles of this blog are: A World Initiative; Encountering our Humanity; and Faith, Love and Hope. At the end of the blog they provide details of what has been outlined here.

Contributions between this introductory outline and the three main articles show the reaction of readers to the problems mentioned and the solutions suggested.

Giselher Weber, April 2017.