Figure 1, The human Being in the Zodiac, 15th Century Prayer Book

Encountering our Humanity 

The Verse Connecting All of Us.

Faith, Love and Hope
Will lead me in my willing

When I light a candle, and unite
With the ever-present love of the Almighty
And His creative force.
It works in me when I in love embrace all people
Who come to me with
Faith, love and hope.
This verse may lead us on our path
To create a circle of light around the world.
It will unite us and disperse loneliness.
It will open our minds to imagination,
Strengthen our inspiration,
And bless us with intuition.


This verse is the one that creates the Circle of Light around the world. Here I would like to bring some thoughts which could be helpful in explaining the spiritual connection of the first line Faith, Love and Hope with the three last ones: Imagination, Inspiration and Intuition.

If we could go back in time to the 14th century before Christ we would find that at that time human beings still felt carried like children in a large family, loved and protected by the gods. They lived embedded in nature, and in a dreamy way they felt to be part of the spiritual world. Many of them still experienced, perhaps even saw and heard, spiritual beings and not only angel beings, but also nature spirits.

Today humanity lives in the age of the consciousness soul when we learn to connect our logical, sense-bound thought life to spiritual thoughts, finding the way in clarity between spiritual and sense-perceptible facts. The human being must first pass through this stage of the Consciousness Soul if he wishes to receive, after his own fashion, the forces of the Spirit Self, Life Spirit and the Spirit Man. And to this end he must, in the course of the fifth post-Atlantean [Rudolf Steiner, Esoteric Science, an Outline.] epoch, even up to the middle of the fourth millennium, fully unite his being with the forces of death; this lies within man’s power writes Rudolf Steiner.  [GA 185, lecture 5.] In the fall and winter seasons the forces of death can be experienced by each human being in the out- breathing of nature.

Through the consciousness soul, our humanity asks us to realise that evil forces have taken part in the evolution of mankind and still are part of our problems today. They are attempting to prevent the union with the forces of death; yet only what we experience we can learn to overcome.

Referring back to Moses who brought to his people the Ten Commandments given to him on Mount Sinai by Jehovah, the God of the Hebrews, we are told that when this gift was received by Moses, it was accompanied by lightning and thunder, fire and earthquakes. The Ten Commandments were an important step in human development because they required obedience and respect through the presence of the involved nature forces. Humans had evolved in the sense world to the point where it became necessary for them to learn to obey the Ten Commandments: Thou shalt not kill, thou shalt not steal, thou shalt not bear false witness etc. Why had it become necessary to expose humanity to laws or commandments? The answer cannot be given without looking a little closer into our human development.

During the Lemurian epoch, [The Submerged Continents of Atlantis and Lemuria. Their History and Civilization, by Rudolf Steiner, translated by Max Gysi. GA 11.] quite early in the evolution of humanity, Lucifer entered the astral- or soul-body of the human being and exposed mankind to passions, drives, desires and deceit. He planted temptations in the human soul.  Man would have remained a child in the hands of higher, divine-spiritual beings, had this not taken place. Independence would not have been established in the human soul. It did not happen so because Lucifer had approached man and made part of the underlying spiritual world invisible to him. The personal instincts, passions and desires which arose in the human astral body spread a cloud of darkness over the spiritual beings of the world out of which man is born and who would otherwise have remained perpetually visible to him. Read more